Dill Borland Dill Borland 11 days ago

Comments disabled

Hello everyone,

Sadly I had to disable comments for a bit. For the past several months several users have been bickering about people hating on the show on other platforms. The reality is people are going to hate on the show. This wiki was designed to discuses Danger Force and not about how much people are hating the show. This is getting very repetitive and not making this a fun place. I comments on one of the posts and users continued to do so on another thread. Now I could of blocked everyone involved but I feel that would be alot of users, so instead I talked with Tommy Baxter and we decided it would be best to turn off off comments for a bit. They will be back on again but we are using this to stop the bickering for a bit.

Hope everyo…

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Danger.Force.Insider2 Danger.Force.Insider2 25 days ago

Don't get it

With Cooper sharing his thoughts about vaccine I want to share mine, don't get a Covid vaccine as they have killed people and even made people disabled or had issues with movement. There are still many unknowns. I won't get one and travel and do everything I use to do before Covid. There was one women who was paralyzed from the waist down after getting her first shot. Another women couldn't stop shaking after getting hers and shared the incontrollable shaking on Facebook. Several people have developed blood clots. One man died instantly after getting his shot who was in his 30's. Another person had walking side affects and no don't walk straight. There are still too many unknowns. One of my doctors said anyone under 30 shouldn't get it, …

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Bigawesome2000 Bigawesome2000 6 May

Danger Force Airdate predictions

I’ve recently made some predictions as to the date when Danger Force will return for the last 6 episodes of season 1. I predict that it will return on Saturday, June 5th (after Drama Club finishes its first season). Here’s what I predict for the lineups:

Current lineup:

  • 8:00 Side Hustle
  • 8:30 Drama Club

Now for my predictions:

The current lineup will most likely end on Saturday, May 29th.

Here’s what I predict for the lineup starting June 5th:

  • 8:00 Danger Force (final 6 episodes of season 1)
  • 8:30 Young Dylan (begins season 2)

I predict that Danger Force’s first season will end on Saturday, July 10th.

Following that, I predict Side Hustle will take the 8:00 slot to finish its first season, and it will most likely end by early-mid August.

After that, I …

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Dill Borland Dill Borland 21 April

Season 2 put on hold

It has been recently announced that Danger Force's show runner Chris nowak will be the show running on the upcoming live action Fairly Oddparents. We don't know what this means for the show, but could mean three things.

  1. Production of season 2 is put on hold and Danger Force will be on a longer break.
  2. Chris will just work on both shows and maybe Fairly Oddparents will be at Soundstage 9 at the Burbank Studios kinda like what happened with game Shakers. One of the cast or crew members mentioned that they had to move dressing rooms around due to a new coming into stage 9, so both shows could work safely. However we don't know if a show is currently recording on Stage 9 after All That left.
  3. Chris will leave Danger Force. This is pretty unlikely w…
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I say NICKELODEONFAN21 deserves a second chance

NICKELODEONFAN21 could deserve a second chance because he trying to be responsible to the Henry danger/danger force wiki. The truth is he wanted to learn my ages. It doesn’t matter how old you are and it doesn’t matter if you are adult or a kid.

i wanted to be nice to him because he loved that wiki because it is flavor show.

it Easter and could derserves a second chance because I wanted to be nice to him.

having him blocked permanently for trying to be responsible to having proof what age we are.

long time ago i watch rugrat is probably the third tv show in 1990s

as i growing older and I watch adult show.

csi Miami

csi New York

once upon a time

ghost whisper

the flash


i watch most marvel movies!

i more than a adult because I baked cookies, …

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Why this users never believe me

I am 33 years and I born in 1987, I went grade school, high school, and college, I did track in special Olympic, bowling, and snowshoes racing. One time in bowling i bowl a 200 score.

do you think a little kid bowl a 200 game?

I am a adult having a kid mind

if you wanted to learn my disability and I send a link.


do you think kid watch manifest and I know a lot of adult show.

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Dill Borland Dill Borland 3 April

Prank Impact

First, I want to say the prank was somewhat of a success and for everyone who did enjoy it, glad you did. However this prank went further than what I thought would happen. Over the past 24 hours we learned that Mike and Chris's instagram accounts were spammed asking if this was true and some including mean messages to them. This was meant just for the wiki and I should of never posted on twitter. We only had a few retweets but nothing to make me think it be big enough to go attacking Nickelodeon, Mike or Chris. We usually don't get get much activity even though we have several followers from three different shows.

No one is getting in trouble, but please don't go attacking the producers/crew of the show as there is no need to. Bigteddy wi…

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Dill Borland Dill Borland 2 April

We are getting a Season 2

For those who fell for this blog, User blog:Dill Borland/Danger Force is ending | Danger Force Wiki | Fandom

APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris would never give a fan this type of information. One of the main reasons I decided to this type of Prank as everyone was doubting that this show wouldn't get renewed for another season due to low ratings. So I decide to have a lit of fun. I will be honest I didn't expect the feedback or the users comming here that arn't usually around to be some big. Today Mike Broke my prank.

Also I don't think Nick would ever pull back on a season after announcing it unless something major happened with the cast.

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Dill Borland Dill Borland 2 April

Danger Force is ending

Chris messaged me today and told me Nickelodeon told him that Danger Force Season 2 was cancelled. He mentioned the ratings weren't good enough for the last episode and they decide to pull the pull on the show. While it's sad to see the show go it has been a great run with this wiki as well. Maybe will see each other on other fandoms, but as for now we have until the last remaining 6 episodes air. Chris mentioned that they will all air 5 days in a row.

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Dangerforcekid Dangerforcekid 26 March

Excited for Season 2

I am so excited for Season 2 of Danger Force. It is going to be epic.

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Sidfurry153 Sidfurry153 26 March

My Top 5 Favorite Episodes (So Far)

Here are my top 5 favorite episodes of Danger Force. This might be subject to change as more episodes get released later:

1. Mime Games

2. Return of the Kid

3. Monsty

4. Twin It to Win It

5. Radioactive Cat

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Dill Borland Dill Borland 18 March

Danger Force Season 2 and a few wiki changes

We have some great news, DANGER FORCE RECIVED A SECOND SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is great, I know a lot of you have wondered if this was going to happen and it is. Plus we are getting not 20 but 26 episodes. I want to thank Jvelizdevillaj for putting season 2 up.

A few days ago, we put up a survey asking your feedback and we got some great answers and yes some even users asking admins to step down. I don't think that will happen. However, there is going to be some changes going forward and address some concerns that came up.

  1. All unblock requests can now be submitted to any of your admins except discussion and Content Moderators.
  2. We will expand our reliable sources starting with Season 2.
  3. Since there is a lot more bickering to put up epis…

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Dill Borland Dill Borland 15 March

Danger Force Wiki Feedback

Hello everyone, it's been a year since the wiki has launched and I decided to see how the wiki is preforming on all aspects, mainly our admin team as well how you are enjoying the wiki. Henry Danger Wiki has done this as well, so I though it is about time to do one where.

So I created a survey to see what you guys think of the wiki so far, Several questions are fill in the blank, so you can put whatever you want as this is completely anonymous. If you want to bash us or the wiki go ahead as we want to here from you.

The link is https://forms.gle/cJoB9Luri7fc67vg9

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I going to leave the danger force wiki after miles has visions episode

I going to leave the danger force wiki after miles has visions episode. I was thinking it won’t be safe for me stay in danger force wiki because it time for me take a little break to thinking something else. I will come back until months or the next danger Force episode. I didn’t wanted to risk getting into trouble again and that why I leaving the danger force wiki as a time off. I had too much thing to do because my sister coming home soon. I probably won’t had time for the danger force wiki. I probably come back in late April or in May. I made never come back to danger force wiki because danger force wiki risk losing one users. It my only decision because this wiki won’t feel safe for me.

it for the best and the admins be lucky f…

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My episode idea

Mika look on lightning strikes TV guide to find dog force episode or cat force episode and find one show called Henry pup danger.

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Dill Borland Dill Borland 22 February

Wiki Background

We need a fun background for the show, in the mean time I have switched the color to Blue to match the shows logo color.

I have been looking at some pics and think this could be a fun idea,

Man's nest pics in center [https://dangerforce.fandom.com/wiki/File:Villains%27_Night_(91).png and the background using Blue sliver, Red, and gold

Ray/Captain Man is the only one we don't have a picture for right now that matches. We do have this nice one but won't really work well and match.

What do you guys think, do we want to use this Ray one and proceed or try something different? We don't have many chest up images of the superhero's.

The other thing we can do is go just the characters in their day to day clothes as we do have pics and can make that wo…

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Checker Fred Checker Fred 3 February

A few Updates

I want to take this time to bring up a few points/issues with you.

  1. Congrats on Danger Force for being nominated for a Kids Choice Award.
  2. Recently we had a Using Messaging other user asking random Questions, if you see odd behavior please report it to the Administrators as some times we do miss stuff. Message Walls should be used for talking about editing issues, talking about something related to the Wiki, Contact an admin, Giving Warnings when need (Anyone on the Admin team should be only doing this), or other issues they may arise.
    1. Do not use for off topic wiki things (asking to join someone elses wiki is okay once in awhile), harassing users, and other inappropriate behavior.
  3. Since I had to make this and you haven't seen our character chang…
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Davidwalker30 Davidwalker30 1 February

Hustle n' Danger Transcript

Presley and Fisher are packing to spend a week at their cousin's house

"I can't wait to hang out with Mika and Miles." Presley said

"Me too. It was nice for dad to let us stay with them." Fisher says

"Just don't cause any trouble." Alan said

"You know Mika and Miles looks like AWOL and ShoutOut in Danger Force." Fisher says

"Maybe they are AWOL and ShoutOut." Presley said

"That would be cool." Fisher says

"Are you all packed?" Alan asked

"Yep. See you in a week dad." Presley said

"Bye dad." Fisher said

Presley and Fisher walks out of their house

Scene cuts to the Man's Nest

"Mika did you here our cousins are coming over?" Miles asked

"Yes I did. I can't wait to spend time with them." Mika replied

"Who are your cousins?" Bose asked

"Presley and Fisher." M…

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Davidwalker30 Davidwalker30 1 February

Hustle n' Danger

Hustle n' Danger is a special episode of Danger Force. It is a crossover with Danger Force.

  • 1 Plot
  • 2 Danger Force Main Cast
    • 2.1 Recurring Cast
  • 3 Side Hustle Main Cast
    • 3.1 Recurring Cast
  • 4 Villain Cast
  • 5 Trivia
    • 5.1 Series continuity

Presley and Fisher travels to Swellview for a week to hang out with their cousins Mika and Miles. Along the way, they end up getting captured by Dr. Minyak, The Toddler, and Goomer. Captain Man, Volt, and Brainstorm have to save them.

  • Cooper Barnes as Ray Manchester (Captain Man)
  • Michael D. Cohen as Schwoz Schwartz
  • Dana Heath as Mika Macklin (ShoutOut)
  • Terrence Little Gardenhigh as Miles Macklin (AWOL)
  • Luca Luhan as Bose (Brainstorm)
  • Havan Flores as Chapa (Volt)

  • Antonio D. Charity as Herman Macklin
  • Nakia Burrise as Angela Macklin

  • Jayden B…

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Checker Fred Checker Fred 29 January

A few character changes

Today I noticed editors trying to add characters to the Season 1 and Danger Force pages or a every enemy to all the superhero pages. So I want to explain how those areas should work.

  1. Captain Man, Chapa, Bose, Minka, and Miles do not need a enemy section on there info box as that is just going to get way too long as the series goes on. Instead I created a separate section called Rogues Gallery with the link to the villain page. This is what we have done for Captain Man and Kid Danger on the Henry Danger wiki and will need to do this here. All the other characters can have enemy section.
  2. When adding the minor or recurring characters to the season 1 or Danger Force page keep it simple and only put character that are really important to that sea…
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Checker Fred Checker Fred 18 January

Welcome Back to the team Henry Danger Fan

We want to welcome our newest Discussions Moderator User:Henry Danger Fan to the Danger Force Administration team!!! Thanks to everyone who voted or applied to be.

Sadly we weren't able to find a content moderator, but we felt that Henry Danger Fan would make a great Discussions Moderator. We will start the search up again next month or so for a content moderator. discussions moderator was actually needed more right now the changes fandom made.

Congrats again.

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Mechajohn77 Mechajohn77 11 January

2021 Nickelodeon Upfront predictions

With the Nick Upfront (2021) coming this year, here are some of my predictions of what i think will be greenlit (i'm also including Paramount+ greenlit new Nick content as well, for the Nick side of things since iCarly is being revived for the streaming platform)

  • a New Comedy series starring Gabielle Neveah Green (of All That and the first cast member to get their own sitcom)
  • a Sandy Cheeks spin-off focusing on her life on Texas before she met Spongebob and went to Bakini Bottom
  • a Zoey 101 Sequel series for Paramount+ with Jamie Lynn Spears and Original Cast returns to their roles along with a new cast who are guided by Zoey and her friends as they help the new kids of P.C.A fit in.
  • Jimmy Neturon gets revived for two seasons on Paramount+
  • Another…
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Checker Fred Checker Fred 10 January

Content and Discussions Moderator applications are now live

It is that time again as the series is back up and running, We are in search for a new content moderator for the Danger Force wiki. With the changes fandom has made we are also creating a new position and are calling for a Discussions Moderator to moderator the discussion and article pages comments. This will relive some stress in the new system.

if you are interested in becoming a Content Moderator or Discussions Moderator on the Danger Force wiki, please fill out an application. This time we would like applicants to have the required 40 edits to apply.

Administrators may start nominating users, if you nominate someone please give them the link below.

If you want to nominate your self, the application is located on this page. https://dange…

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Checker Fred Checker Fred 31 December 2020

Danger Force Wiki Awards Winners

Thank you to everyone who has voted for the awards. Since we only have 5 categories I am going to do it in one batch. Although Survey Monkey worked great to a degree, we will be using something different next year.


  • Favorite Episode goes to Return of the Kid
  • Favorite Mini Episode goes to Secrets Revealed!
  • Favorite Superhero goes to Captain Man
  • Favorite Character goes to Ray Manchester
  • Favorite Cast member goes to Cooper Barnes
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Scooby-Doo and Guess Who? Fan Scooby-Doo and Guess Who? Fan 29 December 2020

Favorite Ep?

What's your favorite episode of Danger Force. Mine are below ranked.

  1. Return of the Kid
  2. The Danger Force Awakens
  3. Say My Name
  4. Mime Games
  5. Chapa's Crush
  6. Mika in the Middle
  7. The Thousand Pranks War: Part I and The Thousand Pranks War: Part II
  8. Down Goes Santa: Part I and Down Goes Santa: Part II
  9. Villains' Night
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Joshua013106 Joshua013106 25 December 2020

What I think of Danger Force current

At first I thought danger force was gonna suck but I started to see it more then trash and it gotten pretty good and funnier and the kids really got a handle over there powers and the fight scenes Chapa's is less complaining about hero phone Mika and Bose got control of there powers and I love when the characters are progressing to being superhero, PS: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to one and all.

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Danger Force Season 2

Danger Force has not been confirmed yet for season 2 but it probably will if so what are some specials you would like to see in that season and in season 1

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Checker Fred Checker Fred 29 November 2020

Danger Force Wiki Awards

Welcome to very first Danger Force wiki awards. We have done this with Henry Danger and the fans loved it, so we decided to do it here. For those who are new to the the this wiki and never edited on the Henry Danger Wiki, let me explain what the awards are. Basically me and other admins nominate episodes, characters, ships, and users on the wiki for different types of awards. This year is going to be different as the show is only 11 episodes in and we are still building up our wiki with pages and Fans.

This year only, we have 5 categories to vote on. They are all 11 episodes, cast, Characters, Superhero's and Mini Episodes. There will be no user awards this year as well the founder award. Don't worry they will be here next year. You are vo…

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Davidwalker30 Davidwalker30 9 November 2020

Thunder Force

Thunder Force is the FM3rd and 4th episode of Danger Force. It is a 50 minute special and a crossover with The Thundermans.

  • 1 Plot
  • 2 Cast
    • 2.1 Danger Force
    • 2.2 The Thundermans
  • 3 Trivia
    • 3.1 Series Continuity

Dark Mayhem is back and he plans to get his revenge on The Thundermans. Hank calls an old friend which happens to be Ray Manchester. Ray and the Danger Force kids head out to Metroburg and they help The Thundermans take down Dark Mayhem.

  • Cooper Barnes as Ray Manchester (Captain Man)
  • Michael D. Cohen as Schwoz Schwartz
  • Dana Heath as Mika (ShoutOut)
  • Terrence Little Gardenhigh as Miles (AWOL)
  • Luca Luhan as Bose (Brainstorm)
  • Havan Flores as Chapa (Volt)

  • Kira Kosarin as Phoebe Thunderman
  • Jack Griffo as Max Thunderman
  • Addison Riecke as Nora Thunderman
  • Diego Velazquez …

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Bigteddy Bigteddy 2 November 2020

Stepping Down As Admin

Hey guys Bigteddy here,

As many of you guys know, FANDOM has made some major changes to many of it's sites. Changes that we're not a huge fan of. Checker Fred and I have talked about some of the changes they made and let me tell you most of the changes are confusing and don't make any sense. So with that, My partner Checker Fred and I have decided to step down from admins due to the new FANDOM Changes.

This was not an easy decision to make but what can you do?. Jvelizdevillaj will be replacing us as head bureaucrat. I'll still be around every once in awhile checking up on things. And I'll still be co-running the social media pages like the Twitter and Instagram.

Jvelizdevillaj has done a really great job for us and I promise you that the Dang…

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Bigteddy Bigteddy 25 October 2020

Danger Force Gets Season 1 Back Order

Alright Everyone, over the last week we noticed several users going back and fourth on whether the instagram post from Danger Force Insider was real or not. Well I contacted showrunner Chris Nowak and after he responded I showed Checker Fred, so after a long debate weather we should release the image and me putting it on twitter as we were planning to wait to see if Nickelodeon came out with an official statement for the season 1 extension, we decided we needed to let your know it is indeed true. SEASON 1 IS GOING TO HAVE 26 EPISODES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We don't know how long the production break is going to be as they just shot 6 episodes in a row and is usually not heard of, but they maybe doing this for safety reason or something else. Anyway…

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Davidwalker30 Davidwalker30 26 September 2020

Screen Play: Super Force

The episode starts off at the Man's Nest where the Danger Force kids are training

Ray: It feels good to be back now that quarantine is over.

Miles: I thought it was going to be for a few weeks.

Schwoz: Clearly they had other plans.

Bose: At least we're back together.

Mika's phone goes off

Mika: Oh I got a notification.

Chapa: It must be nice having a phone.

Miles: What's the notification?

Mika: A doughnut shop just opened up and they are handing out free doughnuts.

Ray: Oh free doughnuts? We should go.

Mika: Sorry it says here that it's for kids only.

Schwoz: Well he acts like a kid.

Bose: It also says no adults that look like kids.

Ray: Darn it.

Chapa: I want doughnuts.

Mika: Me too.

Mika: Let's go.

Ray: Bring me back a jelly doughnut.

Miles: We will.

They h…

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Davidwalker30 Davidwalker30 25 September 2020

Super Force

Super Force is the FM1st and 2nd episode of Danger Force. It is a one hour special and a crossover with Henry Danger.

  • 1 Plot
  • 2 Cast
    • 2.1 Main Cast
    • 2.2 Minor Cast
    • 2.3 Special Guest Cast
    • 2.4 Trivia
    • 2.5 Series continuity

Drex is back and he takes the kids hostage. This promotes Ray to call an old friend; which happens to be Henry Hart. Henry, along with Charlotte, Jasper, and Piper all come back to Swellview to defeat Drex once and for all.

  • Cooper Barnes as Ray Manchester (Captain Man)
  • Michael D. Cohen as Schwoz Schwartz
  • Dana Heath as Mika (ShoutOut)
  • Terrence Little Gardenhigh as Miles (AWOL)
  • Luca Luhan as Bose (Brainstorm)
  • Havan Flores as Chapa (Volt)

  • Tommy Walker as Drex Stinklebaum

  • Jace Norman as Henry Hart
  • Riele Downs as Charlotte Page
  • Sean Ryan Fox as Jasper Dunl…

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Checker Fred Checker Fred 11 September 2020

Episode pages going forward

One of our users, brought up a good point, the production schedule for Danger Force may not be the same when they go back. It may take them 2 weeks to film an episode and not 1, so with that Bigteddy and I made the difficult decision to not create episode pages unless we have some type of production code going forward. We know there are going to be many changes for the cast and crew going back as they will also have a smaller crew from what we have heard.

I know we have been doing this for years, but we looked at other Major wiki's and most have some type of source before an episode page is created, However do to the current situation it maybe best to go this route.

I do plan on looking at this every 3 weeks or so to see if we can just go b…

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Checker Fred Checker Fred 9 September 2020

Sadly, Nickelodeon has a production update

As we know Nickelodeon shutdown production back in March 2020 due to covid19. We all including the cast and crew would start back up production. During the shutdown they ended up producing one quarantine short and five quarantine shorts. A few weeks ago Chris didn't know when they show would go back into production and had an idea of when, but didn't want to confirm anything.

So today we received an update from Cooper Barnes and Mike Caron. Danger Force will start back up next week. They are currently prepping the actors and getting them ready and sets to get started. As for when episodes will start airing we have no idea, but with how Chris was acting, we may have new episodes Late October/Early November. Worse case episodes won't come o…

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Checker Fred Checker Fred 2 August 2020

Minnie episodes

Hey guys, hope everyone enjoyed last nights episode. There are 4 more quarantine related episodes. They are only going to be around 5 minutes long, so I have talked to Bigteddy and I think it makes scene to just and we are just going to create one big page for all 4 mini-episodes instead of giving each one it's own page. We will also listed them in the episode guide in the special section, and just mention it in the trivia section on the season 1 page.

The page will be titled Danger Force: Mini Episodes. The page will just be a listed of each mini episode. These episodes begin this Saturday.

As for production starting up, we have no news at this time. I have been trying to follow shows for the main networks and some of them have not started …

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LucaLuhanFan13 LucaLuhanFan13 25 May 2020

Bose/Luca and Stuff

  • 1                            Luca Luhan 
  • 2 He said he was 13 on TikTok when someone asked him.He said that google hasn't put it up yet. His birthday is December 7 2007. He LOVES Watermelon. (He would way straight from the melon,idk what the green part is called..we are going with melon.) He has a Sneaker obsession, He loves those shoes.
  • 3 Who else ships Havan Flores and Luca Luhan? Because I do. He was 11 when he got into the movie Annabel. (I really wanted to watch the movie, I didn't even know he was in the movie until I finished watching Henry Danger and Danger Force) 
  • 4 I have been wishing that, If I tell them a role I made up they would take me! Ok so this is my "Made up" role: I have superpowers, I am Frankini's new assistant (Because Goome…
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Monstermcx Monstermcx 22 May 2020

My first blog post

I am new to this..

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Kid-Danger100 Kid-Danger100 7 May 2020


i was thinking if we gonna see any characters like Mitch,Cole,Biana,The Spoiler,the annoying brad guy on Danger Force.

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Bigteddy Bigteddy 2 May 2020

Quarantine Special

Alright Guys we have finally figured out how to handle the quarantine episode. After looking at several TV Guides and Wikipedia, we have come to the conclusion that we are going to just treat this episode as a special, so these are the guidelines when editing the pages.

  • 1.Quarantine Episode can only be listed in the Trivia section for Season 1 page, and should not be included in the episode list section.
  • 2. Production code will be left empty.
  • 3. The lead in should Follow: Episode title is a special episode during Season 1 of Danger Force. Then follow or normal format.
  • 4. Episode Guide will contain a special section above season.
  • 5. Series overview for the episode guide will have a row labeled Special with the airdate in the center.
  • 6. Season Sp…
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Jvelizdevillaj Jvelizdevillaj 29 April 2020

Danger Force Ratings: Highest to Lowest

1. The Danger Force Awakens (0.894)
2. Villains' Night (0.769)
3. Mime Games (0.737)
4. Say My Name (0.687)
5. Quaran-kini (0.675)
6. Ray Goes Cray (0.646)
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Henry Danger Fan Henry Danger Fan 29 April 2020

Danger Force Series Poll

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Five Panel Games Five Panel Games 27 April 2020

Quarantine Episode Plot Prediction

This is the plot that might be in the Quarantine Episode:

The Corona Virus comes on swell view so what they do is make a zoom (called room in the Show) meeting, but then the Swellview Villains start raiding the meeting by joining it and then putting innaproite pictures and text in the meeting, the danger force need to stop them so they ask schwoz (using the private Chat) to make something to stop them.

Schwoz then gives the villains a compluter virus which makes their compluters open roblox skyrim map and turns the graphics quality up to full which causes their compluter to overheat and explode, the villains then die and then the danger force is all happy that they stopped the Villains once and for all.

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TheMintyLemon TheMintyLemon 27 April 2020

About Me

Hi Im Minty On the internet thats what they call me atleast with ehnry dnager done and dnager firce here i decided why not try to edit ill be commeitng on all the episodes so and repsoding to all comments that you ask me anywasy hers a little about me

my favorite coler is green

i live in new jersey

my favorite food is bacon

my birthday is June 25

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Five Panel Games Five Panel Games 22 April 2020

Favorite Danger Force Episode Poll.

Hello, i Am trying to do something new where i make a poll about what is the best episode of Danger Force.

Vote by 5/1/20.

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Supergirl2286 Supergirl2286 18 April 2020

So sorry

A great disappointment.  Captain Man has been dumbed down.  The kids are sad.  So much to say.  Intelligence is barely there which affects the respect of the show. Very upset cause our family doesn't have a fun show to watch.

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Joshua013106 Joshua013106 13 April 2020

what i think of danger force so far (my honest opinion sorry for those who disagree)

what do I think of danger force so is it's suck, the characters are useless of there powers Mika keeps reminding me of charlotte from henry danger who is my least favorite character in the show, Chapa just Complaining about her phone for the series, Bose are one of those weak minded types which is kinda having a super power to lift stuff with your mind is kinda pointless which should have go to Mika I think my favorite character is miles with his calm and cool attitude and at least he can use his powers (kinda) and the show are kinda like the ups and downs trying to be a superhero just like the one series with four kids two alien guardian to train them I forgot what is was called but if anyone knows remind me.

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Henry Danger Fan Henry Danger Fan 13 April 2020

Danger Force Episode Review - Captain Mayonnaise

Episode: "Ray Goes Cray" ("Captain Mayonnaise") 7/10

7/10: The plot was good but the execution was not as exciting as I thought it would be.

7/10: The comedy was there but it wasn't COMPLETELY present.


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Henry Danger Fan Henry Danger Fan 13 April 2020

Danger Force Episode Review - Say My Name

Episode: "Say My Name" 7/10: Overall the episode was good but the excitement was missing.

6.5/10: As I said, the plot was good but there were some times where the episode dragged. Great to see the superhero names though.

10/10: The comedy to this episode was GREAT: I specifically loved the retro flashback to Captain Man and other funny lines. Hilarious!


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Checker Fred Checker Fred 13 April 2020

Welcome to the Danger Force team MHSSI

We want to welcome our newest Content Moderator User:MHSSI to the Danger Force Administration team!!! Thanks to everyone who voted or applied to be Content Moderator. Did you guys like how we did it, if so do you think we should keep doing it going forward.

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