• Checker Fred

    Minnie episodes

    August 2, 2020 by Checker Fred

    Hey guys, hope everyone enjoyed last nights episode. There are 4 more quarantine related episodes. They are only going to be around 5 minutes long, so I have talked to Bigteddy and I think it makes scene to just and we are just going to create one big page for all 4 mini-episodes instead of giving each one it's own page. We will also listed them in the episode guide in the special section, and just mention it in the trivia section on the season 1 page.

    The page will be titled Danger Force Mini Episodes. The page will just be a listed of each mini episode. These episodes begin this Saturday.

    As for production starting up, we have no news at this time. I have been trying to follow shows for the main networks and some of them have not started b…

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  • Mm139612

    favorite tv shows

    May 28, 2020 by Mm139612
    1. Stranger Things
    2. Sydney to the Max
    3. Gabby Duran & the Unsittables
    4. Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir
    5. Club 57
    6. Danger Force
    7. Amphibia
    8. Coop & Cami Ask the World
    9. Big City Greens
    10. The Loud House
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  • LucaLuhanFan13


    TikTok: ItsZelxMelx 

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  • Monstermcx

    My first blog post

    May 22, 2020 by Monstermcx

    I am new to this..

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  • Kid-Danger100


    May 7, 2020 by Kid-Danger100

    i was thinking if we gonna see any characters like Mitch,Cole,Biana,The Spoiler,the annoying brad guy on Danger Force.

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  • Bigteddy

    Quarantine Special

    May 2, 2020 by Bigteddy

    Alright Guys we have finally figured out how to handle the quarantine episode. After looking at several TV Guides and Wikipedia, we have come to the conclusion that we are going to just treat this episode as a special, so these are the guidelines when editing the pages.

    • 1.Quarantine Episode can only be listed in the Trivia section for Season 1 page, and should not be included in the episode list section.
    • 2. Production code will be left empty.
    • 3. The lead in should Follow: Episode title is a special episode during Season 1 of Danger Force. Then follow or normal format.
    • 4. Episode Guide will contain a special section above season.
    • 5. Series overview for the episode guide will have a row labeled Special with the airdate in the center.
    • 6. Season Sp…
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  • Jvelizdevillaj
    1. The Danger Force Awakens (0.894)
    2. Villains' Night (0.769)
    3. Mime Games (0.737)
    4. Say My Name (0.687)
    5. Quaran-kini (0.675)
    6. Ray Goes Cray (0.646)
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  • Henry Danger Fan

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  • Awesomehaig

    This is the plot that might be in the Quarantine Episode:

    The Corona Virus comes on swell view so what they do is make a zoom (called room in the Show) meeting, but then the Swellview Villains start raiding the meeting by joining it and then putting innaproite pictures and text in the meeting, the danger force need to stop them so they ask schwoz (using the private Chat) to make something to stop them.

    Schwoz then gives the villains a compluter virus which makes their compluters open roblox skyrim map and turns the graphics quality up to full which causes their compluter to overheat and explode, the villains then die and then the danger force is all happy that they stopped the Villains once and for all.

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  • TheMintyLemon

    About Me

    April 27, 2020 by TheMintyLemon

    Hi Im Minty On the internet thats what they call me atleast with ehnry dnager done and dnager firce here i decided why not try to edit ill be commeitng on all the episodes so and repsoding to all comments that you ask me anywasy hers a little about me

    my favorite coler is green

    i live in new jersey

    my favorite food is bacon

    my birthday is June 25

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  • Awesomehaig

    Hello, i Am trying to do something new where i make a poll about what is the best episode of Danger Force.

    Vote by 5/1/20.

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  • Supergirl2286

    So sorry

    April 18, 2020 by Supergirl2286

    A great disappointment.  Captain Man has been dumbed down.  The kids are sad.  So much to say.  Intelligence is barely there which affects the respect of the show. Very upset cause our family doesn't have a fun show to watch.

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  • Joshua013106

    what do I think of danger force so is it's suck, the characters are useless of there powers Mika keeps reminding me of charlotte from henry danger who is my least favorite character in the show, Chapa just Complaining about her phone for the series, Bose are one of those weak minded types which is kinda having a super power to lift stuff with your mind is kinda pointless which should have go to Mika I think my favorite character is miles with his calm and cool attitude and at least he can use his powers (kinda) and the show are kinda like the ups and downs trying to be a superhero just like the one series with four kids two alien guardian to train them I forgot what is was called but if anyone knows remind me.

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  • Henry Danger Fan

    Episode: "Ray Goes Cray" ("Captain Mayonnaise") 7/10

    7/10: The plot was good but the execution was not as exciting as I thought it would be.

    7/10: The comedy was there but it wasn't COMPLETELY present.

    WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON 'SAY MY NAME'? (Also, I still love the series thus far, so WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON DANGER FORCE?)

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  • Henry Danger Fan

    Episode: "Say My Name" 7/10: Overall the episode was good but the excitement was missing.

    6.5/10: As I said, the plot was good but there were some times where the episode dragged. Great to see the superhero names though.

    10/10: The comedy to this episode was GREAT: I specifically loved the retro flashback to Captain Man and other funny lines. Hilarious!


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  • Checker Fred

    We want to welcome our newest Content Moderator User:MHSSI to the Danger Force Administration team!!! Thanks to everyone who voted or applied to be Content Moderator. Did you guys like how we did it, if so do you think we should keep doing it going forward.

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  • Luan and Lucy x Henry and Ray
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  • Lance9999

    Captain Mayonnaise

    April 7, 2020 by Lance9999

    Captain Mayonnaise is the third episode of Season 1 of Danger Force. It will premiere on April 11, 2020.

    When two new students enroll in SW.A.G. and keep Danger Force from going on any missions, Danger Force and Captain Man band together to use their powers to get the new students to leave.

    • Cooper Barnes as Ray Manchester (Captain Man)
    • Michael D. Cohen as Schwoz Schwartz
    • Dana Heath as Mika (ShoutOut)
    • Terrence Little Gardenhigh as Miles (AWOL)
    • Luca Luhan as Bose (Brainstorm)
    • Havan Flores as Chapa (Volt)

    • Jill Benjamin as Sharona Shapen
    • Glory Joy Rose as Miriam


    • Sharona Shapen from Henry Danger returns in this episode.

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  • Luan and Lucy x Henry and Ray

    Hello, I just wanted to write this blog, you can just ignore it 😂.

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  • Awesomehaig


    • Have any other users recommended you? If so, please list them.

    No users have recommended me that i know of. 

    • How long have you been a user on this wiki?

    I have been a user since the beginning of the wiki.

    • How many article edits do you have?

    so far i currently have 85 edits on this wiki so far. 

    • Have you ever been blocked from the wiki? If so, then why?

    I have never been blocked on this wiki.

    • Are you an administrator on any other wikis? If so, how many?

    i am an admin on over 10 wikis, including two nickelodeon related ones.

    • What do you believe are the three most important qualities of an administrator?

    i think first most important thing about being an Administrator is not abusing your rights, many admins do abuse their rights, if an admin …

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  • Checker Fred

    First off thank you all for your background ideas and we will start looking over the ideas, in the mean time, if you are interested in becoming a Content Moderator on the Danger Force wiki please fill out an application. If you don't have the required 40 edits, we can work around it this time.

    Administrators may start nominating users, if you nominate someone please give them the link below.

    If you want to nominate your self, the application is located on this page.

    • Last Day to submit your Content Moderator Application is April 10th
      • If User or Admins need do ask additional questions, please do so before or April 10th
    • User voting will begin on April 10th and end o…
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  • Checker Fred

    Hey guys, who is ready for the next episode? I am, but since I just finished our new home page, the next step is our background.

    As you guys know are background for Henry Danger is still being worked on as it is too complexed for the wiki managers, however JoePlay agreed to work on it, but is pretty busy with his new role on Fandom as Fandom got rid or him and the background service. So we are going to get a wiki manager to do it for us or unless someone here knows how to create it and will do it for us. Once Henry Danger's background is finished I will give you guys a link, so you guys can go check it out, but until then lets get moving on the Danger Force background.

    1. What do you guys want it to be like? 2. What props do you guys want? 3…

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  • RYR99

    It has been a over month since we have begun this Wikia after Checker Fred, and Bigteddy have moved on from the Henry Danger Wikia, so with that, we are planning our first poll, where you can choose a Wikia wordmark for our Wikia.

    There are 3 to choose from:





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  • Henry Danger Fan
    • Ray Manchester (Captain Man): A super awesome character with a lot of background and comedy, played by a great actor.
    • Schwoz Schwartz: A crazy character that has a lot of funny moments and a very funny accent.
    • Mika: Always a good rule follower and it was very cool when she finally got her superpower.
    • Miles: Very nice actor and a neat superpower to accompany the great character. He is a bit poetic, too.
    • Chapa: By far THE most relatable character, as she is mad after losing her phone. Great personality and attitude as well.
    • Bose: The funniest and 'dumb character' of the show, and a power that has great potential!
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  • Henry Danger Fan

    Episode: "The Danger Force Awakens"
    9/10: Overall, I thought this was a really good episode and gets me excited for what's to come in Danger Force.

    8/10: The plot was there but it was missing the excitement for the premiere of the series.

    9/10: The comedy was on point, and I especially liked Bose freaking out in the beginning. Hilarious.


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    Ideal special episode

    March 30, 2020 by MHSSI

    What would be your perfect special episode for Danger Force? For me, it would probably be something where Henry comes back but is under the control of the villans, creating an enemy that would not only be really difficult to hurt due to his forcefield ability but that they do not want to hurt because he is their friend.

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  • Wonderwoman123loveit


    March 30, 2020 by Wonderwoman123loveit
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  • Henry Danger Fan

    Episode Ideas

    February 21, 2020 by Henry Danger Fan

    What ideas for episodes to you have? I'll put them in this post if I think they are good :)

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  • Awesomehaig

    Favicon and wordmark

    February 20, 2020 by Awesomehaig

    I created a favicon and wordmark for this wiki, you can use the, while editing the theme desginer

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  • Awesomehaig

    Because Jace Norman (Henrys Actor) is no where to be found in any of the cast lists, then he might be leaving the super hero job at the end of the fate of danger! 

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  • Checker Fred

    Henry Danger is in full swing for Season 1. Like Henry Danger season I will do the production timeline for the show. This season will wrap most likely TBD but not 100% certain. Lets hope not to have any confusion this season, but we already have confusion as we have no idea when they started.

    Here is production schedule for Season 1.

    • January 27th through January 31st The Danger Force Awakens (101)
    • February 3rd through February 7th Captain Mayonnaise (102)
    • February 10th through February 14th Say My Name (103)
    • February 24th through February 28th Villains' Night (104)
    • March 2nd through March 6th 105
    • March 9th through March 13 106
    • If anyone finds pics from the production during the week the cast records from istagram, twitter, facebook, snap chat or…
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  • Checker Fred

    My Name is Checker Fred and Bigteddy and I are teaming up again in creating this wiki. However this time he is the founder and I am the co-founder. We are both huge Henry Danger Fans and can't wait to get started on this wiki.

    We know there have been issues in the past on how we have handled things, so if you know anything that needs improvement, let us know so we can improve.

    We are shocked that Danger Force will be airing, so quickly but that's good for us.

    Let's make a great new wiki!!!!!!!!!!

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