The basic layout for every character of Danger Force. Just copy and paste when creating a new Character page. Galleries can also be included in the infobox if needed. Include categories when creating the article. These can vary sometimes on Character. For example Ray Manchester (Captain Man) is going to differ a bit from Mika Macklin (ShoutOut). Info boxes can be adjusted accordingly.

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'''Character Name''' is one of the main/recurring, and so forth characters in ''[[Danger Force]]''.
2-3 sentence summary about the character
She/He is portrayed by 
== Description & Personality ==
Go into detail about the character.
== History ==
What the character did during an episode. Explain the events here. Character pages allow certain actions to be elaborated here beyond what information is normally told in episode pages.
== Relationships With Other Characters ==
How they interact with other characters and what they are to them; Friends, brother ect. List 
== Trivia ==
== Gallery ==
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