Mary Gaperman
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Full Name

Mary Debbie Gaperman



Resides in



News Anchor for KLVY

Eye Color


Hair Color



Trent Overunder (co-worker)
Brian Bender

First Appearance

The Danger Force Awakens

Portrayed By

Carrie Barrett

Mary Debbie Gaperman is a news reporter on KLVY in Swellview. She is a continued character from Henry Danger.

She is portrayed by Carrie Barrett.

Description & Personality

Mary is an adult who has blue eyes and blonde hair. Mary is quite ditsy, absent-minded, and very perky.


In The Danger Force Awakens, she goes with Trent and Brian to the place where Captain Man had stopped a crime. They want to interview him, when suddenly Captain Man starts shooting everyone with his laser to knock them out, with Mary being the last person Captain Man shot.

In Say My Name, Trent and Mary are seen interviewing Captain Man about the prison breakout. Later, Volt attempts to stop Trent and Mary from calling the Danger Force by the incorrect names. Trent and Mary eventually confirm the correct superhero names for the Danger Force at the end of the episode. 

In Mime Games, Mary and Trent report how The Toddler and Goomer broke into the Man's Nest and how they got caught.

In Quaran-kini, Mary and Trent, from their homes, report on the gas leak that had happened in Swellview and the quarantine in which the city had to be placed because of it.

In Chapa's Crush, Mary and Trent report over Creston's departure. The pair lament over how much they'll miss Creston.

In Danger Force: Mini EpisodesKLVY runs out of programming, and Mary gets her own show called "Gabbin With Gaperman"

In The Thousand Pranks War: Part I, Mary and Trent reported that the Thousand Pranks War restarted between Swellview and Rivalton and that Volt received a prank.

In Down Goes Santa: Part I, Mary and Trent were interviewing Percy and Miriam who had found Santa Claus and they put him in a bag and they saw Captain Man and Volt come looking for Santa and they saw Krampus show up and Krampus turned Mary, Trent, Percy and Miriam into Dillweeds and they danced with Krampus after Captain Man and Volt took Santa away.

In Down Goes Santa: Part II, Mary and Trent reported that the new holiday would now be Taco Tuesday. AWOL went to the KLVY and gave Mary a ball which caused Mary to no longer be under Krampus control.

In Lil' Dynomite, Mary commented on how her birthday passed and they stopped talking about it and she and Trent reported that Captain Man and Lil' Dynomite came second in the gang war and that the winner was The Weeknd with his song Blinding Lights.





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