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  • I haven't really been looking at pics, but these are the pics I am considering for the background.

    Was wondering if you have seen any chest up images as those tend to work better for the background. Like we have with the Henry Danger wiki. If you didn't see any chest up images, do you know of an Image of Captain Man or Schwoz that would work. We only have this one and would look out of place if we go with the full body pics and the backgrounds won't make sense. Same for Schwoz. Thanks

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  • I have one question and that's it. We're not mad we just want to ask you something. Do you have a twitter account @GavinHDFan?

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  • Warning
    Please stop adding blurry and pointless images to the wiki. If you continue to do so you maybe blocked. Please review the Wikia Guidelines.
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  • can you please stop editing it i wanted to add pelp but now you riuned it

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  • why did you undo my edit perp advisor can be seen in the background and it is a parody.

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  • First off, I want to say you are a great editor, however Checker Fred and I had a serious talk, and we made the difficult decision to take away your Content Moderator Status. After looking over your contributions here are few of the issues.

    1. You're attitude towards the me and other administrators

    2. Removing info without a valid reason.

    3. insisting on adding unconfirmed or unnecessary information

    4. Adding images to pages that were uploaded by other Users,

    5. Not letting Pages built out properly.

    At this time, we don't think you are ready to have the Content Moderator Role at this time. We hope you still edit, and who knows maybe one day it will work out.

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    Jvelizdevillaj closed this thread because:
    14:30, April 5, 2020
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    • By this I think you agree with me he’s a bad user.

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    • i do not know how to respond to this. he seems like a fine user and nice too but i was just demoted so yeah. i am upset about the whole situation but i could get over it. just very sad though. you have apoint. sorry bigteddy. you are still okay and my demotion might be for the best but it still interferes with some of my edits, as all i wanted was to change the badges for the wiki to match the series and be done with the admin role.

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  • You have to address me as Mr. 64 now because it's my new online persona.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Have you found any good images of Ray/CM or Schwoz that would fix the boxes, or bigger images that ae already there?

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    Checker Fred
    Checker Fred closed this thread because:
    15:24, April 4, 2020
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    • Because I already know what I need to fix, you don't need to remind me. It takes time to do everything. It's not going to happen in one click. Plus, I am not going to do it all in one day, I am going to do it in stages.

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    • Checker Fred, we need to talk. All i wanted from the admin position was to change badges and have access to locked pages but that was too much to ask. here is my message to you and bigteddy

        • sigh*

      All I have to say is okay. i am just very upset that a user that didn't edit for a month is an ADMIN and the number one editor on the wiki is demoted. i am truly disappointed. i will keep editing. but this is not completely fair. at least you gave RYR99 a chance but not me.

      (not very good adminship to let a non-editor get a second chance to be admin but me, the number one editor on the wiki, and only following in your footsteps, a demotion. it's not very fair, and if i am a good editor like you say, then why did i get demoted huh? are you just trying to make me feel better because being demoted has left me in tears. i have been on the hd wiki since like FOREVER now. i was on this wiki at the start of it all. i got a lot of pages going, added a lot of good images. all for this?
      • on top of this, my life isn't as great right now with the whole quarantine thing and you happened to make it worse! remember that one comment you made saying you were busy about the virus? I  was the only one with manners to say "I understand, stay healthy" i am quite possibly the most socially mannered person. but you guys don't feel that for me, even though i support you through these times

      please reply, as you have now quite possibly ruined my day. 

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  • Alright the fun and games are over and sorry if I cased any confusion. I am close Bigteddy is a major reason I did it. Anyway I am reworking our home page to clean it up and make editing easier. If you have any ideas/sections you would like me to included please let me know. I am maybe closing the current home page, but not at this time.

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  • After I took away my rights, I forgot to remove myself from the admin list. Are you able to do this? Thanks and good luck.

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