Ray Manchester (Captain Man)
Full Name

Raymond Esther Manchester


Captain Man (second identity)
Angry Punch Guy (Trent Overunder)
Mr. Clean (by Sharona Shapen)
Roy (disguise)
Hawkfist (disguise)
Captain Dummy (by The Toddler)
Big Dog (by Henry Hart)



Date of Birth

38-39 (Season 1)

Resides in



Owner of SW.A.G.

Eye Color


Hair Color

Dark brown


Carl Manchester (father)


Kris Hart (on his side)
Fran (on her side)
Celia O'Brian (on his side)
Kim Danvers (Formerly)
Samantha (on his side)


Schwoz Schwartz
Bose O'Brian (Brainstorm)
Chapa (Volt)
Mika Macklin (ShoutOut)
Miles Macklin (AWOL)
Henry Hart
Charlotte Page
Jasper Dunlop


Danger Force

First Appearance

The Danger Force Awakens

Portrayed By

Cooper Barnes

Raymond Esther "Ray" Manchester, also known as the superhero Captain Man, is the main protagonist in Danger Force. He is a continued character from Henry Danger, portrayed by Cooper Barnes.

Background and Origin

Raymond was born to scientist Carl Manchester and an unnamed mother. He was an ordinary human being just like everybody else, who lived in a town called Swellview. But that would all change when one day, 8-year-old Ray, who was skateboarding in his father's laboratory during take your kid to work day, accidentally skated towards his father's Trans-molecular Densitizer, pushing the lever in the process and gaining the power of indestructibility. His father saw the whole change and to test this theory, he scanned Ray with a detector to see if he really became indestructible. The results were positive and Carl whacked Ray with the detector in the head, with Ray only feeling pain for a second. With his son now indestructible and happy that he is okay, Carl told Ray he would grow up and do special things. Thus Captain Man was born and he would fight crime in the city of Swellview. He eventually realized he could not do so alone, employing a sidekick, Kid Danger. They fought crime together for about 5 years before Kid Danger's "death".

He never went camping, rode roller coasters, or learned how to ride a bike (he was also pulled out of school by his father, possibly out of fear his newfound powers would harm those around him were he not careful). One motivation for him to fight is when a street gang known as the Wall Dogs vandalized his playhouse when he was still a boy.

Description & Personality

Ray/Captain Man has brown hair, blue eyes, and a strong build. He is immature, yet sarcastic, witty, and funny. He has a fun spirit, a big ego and likes to be romantic. As shown on several occasions, he hates to lose and wants things to go his way. He is shown to get sensitive when his former sidekick is mentioned. When not in uniform, Ray wears casual clothing such as long-sleeved shirts or short-sleeved, jeans, and sneakers. His hair is normal in his civilian form.

As Captain Man, he wears a blue, red, and silver suit with yellow lining and a symbol on his chest resembling a hurricane, tilted. On his face, he wears a blue mask with a gold line on the top. He wears a black utility belt with his symbol on the buckle. He wears black and red boots and red gloves with black fingers and knuckles and yellow lining. His hair is groomed to the right side.

Power and Abilities

  • Indestructibility: Having received the power at a young age, he is invulnerable to all sorts of harm, including hits to the head, being shot by a laser, and being blown up by a grenade launcher. However, it should be noted that he does not have invincibility to pain or hyper-gamma light.
    • Natural Space Oxygen: He can breathe in space without the use of an astronaut suit and oxygen tank thanks to his indestructibility.
    • Inability to get sick: Due to Ray being struck by the densitizer and becoming indestructible, Ray has been unable to get sick since the age of 8, up until the events of the Henry Danger episode Green Fingers, where he was somehow affected by the disease Schwoz invented.
  • Super Strength: He can take down criminals with his fists and feet. He has also shown other signs of super strength, most notably when Phoebe Thunderman froze him solid only for him to break free a few seconds later.
  • Expert at Hand-to-Hand Combat: Ray has shown to have skill in hand to hand combat as he has been able to hold his own in multiple fights and has been able to do moves such as suplexes. He can fight many enemies at the same time.
  • Piloting: Ray has been shown to possess pilot skills as he's able to fly the Man-copter.
  • Marksmanship: Ray can shoot with his laser with precision.


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Captain Man carries an assortment of gadgets with him to aid in battle. Aside from his combat, he can use these gadgets at his discretion to disarm or wound criminals, such as his laser which has the option of stunning or killing the individual.


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To navigate the large, vast areas of Swellview, vehicles are necessary to get to the scene of the crime when the opportunity calls for it. Especially when brawn seems out of the question, these machines of transportation have proven to be an important asset for Captain Man to keep the city safe from crime.

Rogues Gallery

See also: List of villains in Danger Force

While Captain Man is Swellview's answer to fighting crime, he has also met some sinister villains along the way, ranging from petty criminals like Jeff, to nasty deranged ones such as The Toddler. No matter how devious their plan may be, in the end, Captain Man and the Danger Force always defeat(s) them and foils their plans.


  • When Ray doesn't get enough sleep, he turns bad until he can sleep again.
  • He doesn’t like to be called old.
  • He loves moms, especially Henry's mom, Kris Hart, and Bose's mom, Celia O'Brian.
  • He wrote a book about himself titled Man I Feel Like A Hero: One Captain Man's Journey of Self Discovery (A Captain Man-infesto * A True Story of the Boy Who Became Captain Man)! that includes an introduction, 32 "capters", epilogue, alternate ending, and a tutorial of how to draw an animated version of him.
  • He wrote two songs, one titled "Yee Haw" and the other titled "I'm Not Okay!".
  • As of Mime Games, his favorite of the four children is Bose.
    • However in Vidja Games, he claimed that Chapa was his favorite after himself.
  • His middle name is revealed to be Esther in Test Friends.
  • He last saw his father was after an argument about which of the family pets died first.
  • He can never resist a chant.
  • It is revealed in Say My Name that he is the second most popular person in Swellview.
  • He has a rivalry with Joey Lawrence over who has the better jawline.
  • He eats several foods the wrong way.
  • He won ''Most Attractive Man in Swellview'' for 12 years in a row.


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