Trent Overunder
Trent Overunder Ep1


Resides in



News Anchor for KLVY

Eye Color


Hair Color

Dark Brown


Mary Gaperman (co-worker/frenemy)

First Appearance

The Danger Force Awakens

Portrayed By

Winston Story

Trent Overunder is a news reporter on KLVY in Swellview. He is a continued character from Henry Danger. He is portrayed by Winston Story.


Trent has dark brown hair and brown eyes. He always wears a neatly pressed suit when he is broadcasting the news.


In The Danger Force Awakens, Trent and the rest of the KLVY team arrive at the zoo, where Captain Man had just stopped a crime. Trent asks what Captain Man is doing, and he asks the same. Trent says that his team is having trivia night against other teams. When they notice the talking goat that says 'butt' that Captain Man had just rescued, Trent asks his team to start filming for the news, but he and the whole crew are zapped unconscious by Captain Man so that the sidekicks do not find out about his crime fighting.

In Say My Name, Trent and Mary are seen interviewing Captain Man about the prison breakout. Later, Volt attempts to stop Trent and Mary from calling the Danger Force by the incorrect names. Trent and Mary eventually confirm the correct superhero names for the Danger Force at the end of the episode. 

In Mime Games, Trent and Mary report how The Toddler and Goomer broke into the Man's Nest and how they got caught.

In Quaran-kini, Trent and Mary, from their homes, report on the gas leak that had happened in Swellview and the quarantine in which the city had to be placed because of it.



  • He enjoys cutting off his co-anchor Mary Gaperman's sentences in favor of his, hinting they may have a rivalry off camera.
  • Like Captain Man, he is shown to be sensitive about his age.


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